UL certification? No problem!


To any signage market professional who has worked with the United States or Canada, it will have happened that they were asked for UL Certification on one or more of their projects. This poses a substantial problem, as it is not enough to use UL-marked components to have a finished product UL certified; it is necessary to also adhere to a precise installation procedure in compliance with current safety standards and use only approved products and accessories.

What is UL Certification?

UL Certification, also known as the UL mark, attests to the conformity of electrical products with safety requirements and regulations in Canada and the United States. UL stands for "Underwriters Laboratories," an independent organization specialized in the field of safety.

The UL mark ensures that the product under examination fully meets the safety requirements imposed by Underwriters Laboratories, related to various types of risks, such as fire, electrical shocks, or mechanical issues.

How to Obtain UL Certification?

Obtaining UL Certification means subjecting the finished product to a series of tests specified by the certifying body. This involves applying established procedures and subjecting each artifact to a testing phase, a scenario that can be challenging for an artisan who does not mass-produce but works on a commission basis, requiring adherence to the complete certification process for each individual project.

UL Certification: The Verbax Solution

Verbax comes to the aid of sign manufacturers with a product line developed for the U.S. and Canadian markets: we're talking about GE's UL certified line. These products are not only UL-marked but also come with specific installation instructions. If followed meticulously, these instructions guarantee compliance with UL regulations.

By entering the product page of a UL certified article, it is possible to download the Installation & UL Guide directly from the Attachments section. Scrolling to the bottom of the page, you will find related products: these are the UL-marked products that must be used for installation, following the instructions provided.