LED Drivers: Philips (and Meanwell) for the win!


Everyone knows: being able to have quality LED drivers is now more than ever an indispensable requirement for any professional in signage or luminous visual communication. LEDs have become the most widely used lighting system, and the devices powered by 230V alternating current that initially crowded the market have soon made way for more reliable and efficient 12V or 24V direct current devices to be complemented with an external LED power supply. This type of solution allows for optimal control of current and voltage. Of course, not all LED drivers are the same, and the offering varies depending on the application area. One of the most common types in signage is outdoor LED power supplies, and this is where Philips comes into play with a new line of high-quality outdoor LED drivers!


The new 12V and 24V Philips LED drivers

Philips' new LED drivers are designed for professional use in any environment. The IP67 protection ensures their reliability for prolonged outdoor use, making them the perfect product for scenarios where it's necessary to power outdoor LED signs, LED lighting for refrigerators and humid areas, or LED floodlights for open spaces. The two new versions of 75W and 100W are intended for projects of any size and have been developed with specific attention to the world of illuminated signs.

Philips LED drivers, a great choice?

Philips LED drivers represent the highest market standards. Thanks to their metal casing, they have excellent temperature dissipation and offer an outstanding level of protection against shocks and weather conditions. Philips LED power supplies also stand out for: - Stable output voltage - Wide operating temperature range - Overvoltage and overload protection system (SPD) - High thermal performance - Global certifications (EU, UL, etc.) - Safety fuse with automatic restart - Compact dimensions


Looking for a LED strip driver? Philips!

Philips's new power supplies for LED strips are perfect for flex LED strips, flex neon, LED neon, LED modules for signs, and any low-voltage LED device. It's crucial to verify that the device being powered has the same voltage as the power supply (in this case, 24V) and that its overall power consumption does not exceed the maximum power of our LED driver.

Menwell LED drivers VS Philips LED drivers

The comparison arises spontaneously: Meanwell power supplies are by far the most widespread LED power supplies, and their line of metal outdoor power supplies, the Meanwell XLG, consists of excellently crafted drivers with high performance and enviable durability. So, how does Philips measure up, and why might a sign maker prefer it to Meanwell power supplies? From a technical perspective, the two products are very similar, both in components and materials as well as in features. However, examining the datasheets reveals a difference in the ratio between actual and declared power. Take, for example, a Meanwell XLG 100W 24V power supply and a Philips 100W 24V LED power supply. For Meanwell, a safety margin of about 20% should be considered; therefore, a maximum of 80W of LED devices can be connected. With Philips, we are talking about actual watts, and no margin needs to be considered, allowing for the connection of the full 100W of LED devices. It is also essential to consider the brand factor: Philips is an extremely well-known brand, even to non-professionals, immediately recognizable and quickly associated with the idea of quality. This leads the end customer to have a perception of higher quality instinctively towards the work of the sign maker or installer. This is a factor not to be underestimated for all professionals.

Try our new Philips LED drivers! Or not...

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