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    With a production of approx 30,000 units per year just in this sector, these numeric displays produced and sold since 1994 are present on the majority of the Italian netwok of Service Stations, for almost all Petrol Companies.

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    Tetra® PowerMAX—the 24V remarkable LED system designed for small channel letters as shallow as 4 inches in depth delivers incredibly uniform light, installs easily and operates efficiently. The Tetra® PowerMAX is now IP66 and UL wet rated which makes it more robust and reliable even under wet weather. 

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    High efficiency LED luminaire for service stations, bus shelters, commercial areas.

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    There’s really no comparison between the durable, long-life Tetra Contour LED Lighting System and traditional neon. Tetra Contour is a 2-part system comprised of a flexible LED light engine and a rigid light guide that can be heat formed and shaped designed to resemble exposed neon in signage, and border lighting applications. It provides a bright,...

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    Tetra EdgeStrip is engineered to install easily around the edge of signs with a 3 to 6 inch can depth. Tetra EdgeStrip delivers money-saving advantages over T8 fluorescent tubes while producing outstanding visual performance that protects end-user brand image.

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    GE Tetra 12V -24V Constant Voltage LED drivers are specifically designed and recommended for use with the GE Tetra Signage range of Channel Letter products

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    ClearWay gen2 enables you to enjoy the benefits of LED technology right from the start. This new second generation of the luminaire builds on the strengths of its predecessor and is designed to further minimise your Total Cost of Ownership.

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    The illuminated body is made entirely of die-cast aluminum. The efficiency of the device reaches 130lm / W with maximum emission over 12,000lm. Secondary lenses with asymmetrical street distribution, with different combination possibilities for photometric optimization.

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