LED luminous signs: design them with TetraTool!


Designing LED luminous signs has never been so easy! With the new version of Tetra Tool, you can easily create your own projects!

LED Signs Design Software Tetra Tool: What is it?

Tetra Tool, now available in the new version, is an online software (no download required) that allows you to design custom LED signs and fabricated letters. Developed by Current, formerly General Electric, this application enables the creation of personalized layouts for LED signs, backlit cabinets, and fabricated letters. Once the shape and dimensions of your sign are established, you can select the type of LED modules and the lighting configuration. The software will automatically calculate the number of LED modules needed for optimal brightness of the project and suggest the best possible arrangement for uniform light distribution. After completing the design, the software generates a PDF file summarizing the modules used, their quantity, the energy consumption of the sign, and other relevant information for professionals to purchase the right LED modules and power supplies on Verbax.it and install them correctly at a later stage.

How to use the new LED signs design software

Tetra Tool is a completely free online tool that can be used directly from the Verbax website at this address. To start using Tetra Tool, simply register with your company information. No downloads are required, and registration is only necessary upon the first use. All the modules used by the software for backlighting LED signs are available on Verbax.it in the LED Modules for illuminated signs section.


How to design channel letters

The first window that appears after launching the Tetra Tool software by General Electric is dedicated to the design of backlit fabricated letters. The first step is to select a font as close as possible to the one required by the client, where LED modules will be actually inserted. Proceed by entering the dimensions of the fabricated letters, referring to height and depth. Now, you can input your custom text and select the module you intend to use. By clicking the "Create" button, Tetra Tool will automatically arrange the selected modules inside the fabricated letters in an optimal layout. Using various dropdown menus, you can express preferences regarding the use of power supplies (whether to have one per letter, a single one with the maximum connectable LED modules, etc.). You can also manually adjust the modules by rotating or moving them as desired and set a custom spacing between modules if more or less light intensity is needed.

Back lit cabinets

The second tab of Tetra Tool is dedicated to the design of backlit cabinets. To begin, it's crucial to select the desired type of illumination among direct light, reflected light, a combination of direct and reflected light, or perimeter lighting. In the case of perimeter lighting, it must be specified whether the sign to be designed is single-faced or double-faced. The second step is defining the shape of the backlit cabinet, whether triangular, rectangular, round, or any polygon with up to 12 sides. Similar to fabricated letters, enter the dimensions of the backlit cabinet and choose the LED modules to be used. The dropdown menu with available LED modules is automatically filtered based on the parameters entered earlier. Simply click on "Create" to obtain the optimal arrangement of modules in your customized backlit cabinet!


Custom light sign designs

In the case of unique shapes, complex projects, or large-scale illuminated signs, we offer a tailor-made design service. Simply send an email to sales@verbax.it specifying the following parameters:

  • Dimensions of the illuminated sign (height, width, and depth)
  • Desired type of lighting (direct, reflected, perimeter)
  • Type of module and required voltage

If possible, it is recommended to attach a file with a drawing of the requested project. The design will be created within 48 hours. For any questions about Tetra Tool or for a free lighting consultation, you can contact us directly using the contact methods available in the 'Contacts' section of Verbax.it