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OPCOM Farm GrowBox2
  • OPCOM Farm GrowBox2
  • OPCOM Farm GrowBox2

Farm GrowBox2


GrowBox2 is an all-in-one hydroponic growing system designed for indoor farming all year round. It uses Deep Flow Technique (DFT), has 59 planting holes and can grow efficiently.

2 pieces
Shipped within 1-2 days

59 HEALTHY GREENS - Your very own high capacity indoor garden. Plant for up to 59 leafy greens/veggies for you and your family! Influence a healthy lifestyle
for everyone with your very own tabletop grower!
ADVANCED DFT HYDROPONICS SYSTEM - Deep Flow Technique (DFT) for the Grow Box. It recirculates the nutrient-rich water and the plants
are surrounded by an approximately 4 cm high nutrient solution.
SMART BOX CONTROLS - Giving efficient light and water circulation for your garden and Day/Night light source control system saves energy which can be set
to synchronize with the sunrise and sunse.
FULL COLOR SPECTRUM LED LIGHTS - High intensity LED lights simulates sunlight indoors to help the plants grow and thrive ensuring the most efficient plant
STACKABLE TABLETOP EXTENSION - Unlimited extension with easy lock design, start stacking your tabletop growers and build your very own indoor farm.
Plant more varieties of veggies and green in the comfort of your home.


  • Tabletop, Stackable, unlimited extension easy lock design. The GrowBox2 can be easily stacked with independent or synced control.
  • Support wireless remote control, easy controlling.
  • Full color spectrum high power panel grow lights for efficient growth.
  • Panel light adjustable up-lift design with adjustable color temperature from 2800°K to 6500°K can improving melancholia people mood.
  • High capacity 59 growth holes to fit 2.5”growth plant with sponge.
  • The automatic Day/Night light source control system saves energy, and can be set to match with sunrise and sunset.
  • Optional bundle OPCOM cloud box for cloud control and data management.
  • Circulation fan to bring healthy, refresh and negative air quality. 
  • OPCOM advance DFT hydroponics, it is suitable to grow leafy and vine.
2 pieces

Data sheet

100W (1,15KWh daily)