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Philips InteGrade LED engine system - compact linear LED lighting for maximum freedom of design - January 2014 

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  • InteGrade Magnete
  • InteGrade connector
  • InteGrade engine lock inline
  • InteGrade profile 2000mm F style
  • InteGrade profile 1.178 mm M style

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• The rated average life of the engines, in combination with a Philips LED power driver, is B50L70 at 50,000 hours (70% lumen maintenance).This rated average life is based on engineering data testing and probability analysis. 

• Operating temperature (performance) min -30 °C / max +30 °C • Storage temperature min -30 °C / max +60 °C
• Housing color: aluminum
• Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) 

• Safety is ensured even if wiring or units become damaged (only when a SELV-rated power supply is used). 

• Compliance and approval: ENEC, UL, CE, Product safety class III, RoHS,WEEE, EU directive 2002/95/EC 

• The engines are suitable for the described applications on condition of typical use in dry and damp locations. 

• Shelf and linear accent lighting in supermarkets, refrigerated cabinets, retail environments, libraries, museums 

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