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GTx DR4-YCFB-VLC-040 GIALLO 200 mm

GE Lighting Solutions


200 mm and 300 mm Central Light Source

GE’s 14th generation of LED signal, leveraging 15 years of experience
& over 6,000,000 units sold worldwide 

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Scheda tecnica

Input Voltage (V)95-265
Wattage [W]10,5
Dimensione200 mm



Outstanding Performance

• Up to 80% energy savings vs.50W incandescent bulb.

• Central light source for a uniform looking signal.

• Phantom class 5.

• Operates from-40°Cto+74°C. 

Maximum Flexibility

  • Micro-controlled power supply is packed with advanced functionality that can be unlocked and customized to fit your specific needs.
  • Low profile module permits efficient installation in to existing traffic housings.
  • Easy-to-install internal mask compatible to fit your unique signaling needs.  

Meets Rigorous Certification & Testing Standards

• Compliant with EN12368:2006, EN50556,CLC/TS50509:2007 & EN50293.

• OCIT2004 compliant.

• IP65 Ingress Protection Rating.

• Designed and tested through GE’s rigorous Six Sigma process.

• 100% of GE signals are performance tested and traceable by serial numbers.