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Petrol Station Price Display


With a production of approx 30,000 units per year just in this sector, these numeric displays produced and sold since 1994 are present on the majority of the Italian netwok of Service Stations, for almost all Petrol Companies.

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2 292,96 €

  • Remote control
  • TASTIERA SWITCH con interfaccia (Manuale /Remoto)
  • 150 mm
  • 240 mm
  • 120 mm
  • Single face
  • Double face
  • 2 products
  • 3 products
  • 4 products

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Inside Service Stations, Portals, Column Price Indicators, small-medium sized ground installed Price Indicators (on plinths or semi-mobile bases), Street signs (Flags and Monolith Totems).
Medium/large displays flush-fitted on shelter canopies.


In addition to numeric displays, AGLA supplies a CPU and an expansion card for double-sided versions, which are suited for any type of Display.
Equipped by default with an RS485 serial port and Radio Module, the control board allows the configuration of the price indicators via a dip-switch.

The kits are delivered with sealed Power Supply units sized according to the configuration of the price indicator (number of products and type of display).

The standard kit comes complete with a series of Flat cables, in different sizes according to Customer requirements, for data transmission and to power the displays.

The DL7 displays can be managed locally from service stations using wireless or cable communication systems, or remotely via a keyboard with on-board interface cards for different communication protocols.



LEDs and Displays:

- High Brightness (from 700 mcd of the TH Red LEDs to 2,300 mcd of the White SMD)
- Visibility angle 50°-110° for traditional LEDs and 120° -120° for the SMD type
- Coating with protective resins and UV furnace treatment for the crystallisation of the resin
- Duration of 60,000h for the SMD version and 100,000h for traditional LEDs
- On- board Temperature and Brightness Sensors 
Management system:

- Single CPU Unit (with expansion card for double-sided price indicators) for any type of display
- Automatic brightness adjustment - Protection system with temperature control
- LED diagnostic system - 26 pole flat cable connection for data transmission and power supply (15-24V)
- Data transmission via radio systems
- Remote management via interfacing keyboards with multiple protocols (Gilbarco, Dresser, Tokheim, Fortech, Maser, S&B, Gema and others)