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Farm GrowWall 3



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Power144W (1,15 KWh Daily)


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  • LED Light up down adjust against plants height with best light efficiency. Power saving 57%
  • Expansion design, can side by side stand put together.
  • Smart LED adjustable, can according to different plants and different status to adjustment White and Red light
  • High capacity can grow 180pcs baby leafy / 90pcs big plants
  • “Auto” mode that manages light and water cycles efficiently, while using only 1.15KWh daily.
  •  Optional bundle OPCOM cloud box for cloud control and data management..
  • IR wireless remote control for Auto Growing.
  •  OPCOM advanced NFT hydroponics technology


  • Seedling Kit : Seedling tray(ST-70) x 2pcs,  Grow Sponge 2 x 60pk
  • (OASS001 For Green Lettuce), Grow Sponge 2 x 60pk, (OASS002 For Red Leaf Lettuce), Grow Sponge 2 x 60pk, (OASS006 For Basil)Grow Sponge 4 x 60pk, Nourishment : NT-Starter x 3pcs, (OANT006 for 40L)NT-Adjuster x 15pcs(OANT008 for 40L)
  • pH Adjuster :  pH+ x15pcspH- x15pcs
  • EC & pH test paper x 1pc EC meter(OAEE009)
  • Planting Tray
  • Remote control x 1pc
  • Seed Moisturizing Cover x 3pcs
  • Watering Can x 1pc
  • Cleaning sponges x 1pc