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  • Lynk Series Lights with Irrigation
  • Lynk Series Lights Without Irrigation
  • Life Series Lights with Irrigation
  • Life Series Lights Without Irrigation
  • No Lights with Irrigation
  • No Lights Without Irrigation

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Growstack Operation

The Growstack is assembled using a combination of 4 elements.

  1. Base Unit – the base unit is a wheeled frame which contains and controls all the other elements of the Growstack. The control panel is mounted on the base unit, as are the lights for the top level tray and the feed and drain piping for irrigation. Trunking at the rear of the unit feeds power to the lower elements. The mains power lead runs from the bottom of the trunking at the rear of the unit.

  2. Combined Ebb/Flood Tray
    with Lights
    – these trays slide
    onto the shelves at either side
    of the base unit. They plug
    into the sockets at the rear of
    the base unit. If fitted, they also have a dimmer for the lighting on that tray. These elements are the growing base for that level and the lighting for the level below. Irrigation feed to the tray is via the nozzle to the rear of the tray, with a filtered drain and an overflow directly below it. The drain is of a smaller bore than the inlet governing the level of water in the tray, and the residence time.

  3. Ebb/Flood Tray – this tray is the growing base for the lowest level.

  4. Irrigation Tray – the irrigation tray houses all the parts required to store the irrigation water, the pump to distribute it to the trays above, and the filtration to keep the water clean. It must be mounted on the very bottom of the base unit, mainly because the piping is down there, but the mass of the water at the base of the unit provides extra stability when the unit is in use. The irrigation tray will only plug in to the lowest of the sockets on the trunking at the rear of the unit.