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Hydroponic SALAD Seed


Babylon represents a new concept born from the collaboration between Verbax specializing in lights for indoor farming and, a development and research company in the field of varietal improvement in horticulture, two protagonists of the new agricultural frontier, the vertical farm and indoor productions.

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  • Baby Escarole
  • Baby Kale
  • Baby Chicory
  • Baby Endive
  • Bulls Blood Chard
  • Blond Baby Lettuce
  • Green Baby Lettuce
  • Red Baby Lettuce
  • Baby Romaine Lettuce
  • Blond Mustard
  • Red Mustard
  • Green Komatsuna
  • Green Mizuna
  • Red Mizuna
  • Red Komatsuna
  • Pak Choi
  • Tendrill pea
  • Wild Rocket
  • Salad Rocket
  • Tatsoi
  • Red Clover
  • Bag 1.000 seeds
  • Bag 100.000 seeds

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#SM 4.42: Type batavia Blonde lettuce. Thick leaves and erect growth. Perfect for summer cultivation, high yields. Variety resistant to Fusarium and tipburn. Heat tolerant. Excellent resistance to Bremia 16-25, 27, 28, 30-32 EU.

#SM 4.43: Lettuce for the dark green market. Leaf with an interesting jagged edge. Sturdy, heavy leaf with a strong erect bearing. Fusarium resistant, good heat tolerance. Excellent resistance on the pitch at Bremia, Bl EU races in test.

#SM 4.44: Red lettuce characterized by erect posture and thin stem. Red coloring from the beginning to the end of the leaf, including the stem. Leaf with a gentle waving. Does not fade in summer, resistant to Fusarium. Excellent attitude also for second cuts. Excellent resistance on the pitch at Bremia, Bl EU races in test.

#SM 4.46: Variety of summer wild rocket par excellence. Dark green color, fleshy and thick leaf, which guarantees high productivity and excellent resistance to mechanical processing. Rustic and compact plant, with slow growth that allows an excellent shelf life of the product collected. High homogeneity and indentation. Excellent resistance to Fusarium and pre-flowering, does not discolour even in the presence of high temperatures. Productive and indented from the first cut.

#SM 4.50: Basil of the «Classic Italian» (Genovese) type, ideal for the jar market. Harmonious shape and proportionate to the vase both in terms of size and leaf. Typical large spoon-shaped leaf with a beautiful dark green color. Short internodes, invisible stem, large leafiness that give the visual effect of a beautiful "full" plant. Intense and typical aroma of basil (absence of citrus or mint hints). High yields, good tolerance to downy mildew.

#SM 4.51: High homogeneity variety of Baby Kale. Erect habit that facilitates mowing, captivating shape and serration. Beautiful intense green color, excellent volume effect in an envelope. Fast growth, high yields. High germination seed, certified bacteriosis free.

# SM 4.55: Homogeneous cultivated rocket variety characterized by excellent vigor and fast growth. Strong leaf with an intense green color. Excellent resistance to the mounted seed. Regular jagging. Classic taste, pleasantly spicy. High yields.

#SM 4.57: Blonde mustard, green leaf and petiole. Jagged leaf, with mustard flavor, slightly spicy.

#SM 4.58: Red mustard, red leaf and green petiole. Characterized by a deep serration of the leaf, with a slightly spicy mustard flavor.

#SM 4.59: Green Komatsuna, roundish leaf reminiscent of spinach and with a sweet, slightly acidic flavor.

#SM 4.60: Green Mizuna, light green serrated leaf, with a slight mustard flavor but not spicy.

#SM 4.61; Green mizuna with violet stalk, dark green serrated leaf, with a slight mustard flavor, not spicy. In winter the leaf also turns to violet. If grown as a microgreen, the cotyledons are reddish, pleasantly edged with red. Good shelf life.

# SM 4.62: Tatsoi with dark green color, round leaf similar to spinach, sweet taste. Fast in growth, erect bearing. Slightly pinkish stem. Good shelf life.

#SM 4.63: Pak choi with bright green leaves, slightly serrated edge. Heat tolerant, suitable even in wet and dry conditions. Gently sour taste.

# SM4.65: Red komatsuna with an oval leaf. Deep red coloration, colors well even in hot conditions, from the leaf to the cotyledon Margin of the smooth leaf. Sweet, slightly acidic taste

# SM4.72: Roman baby lettuce. Medium green smooth leaf lettuce. Slightly serrated margin, slightly pointed leaf shape, V-section and thick texture Resistance to Fusarium and tip burn. Bl: 16-31 EU


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