LED Horticulture Lighting and Systems

The ideal solution to maximize plant growth in a controlled indoor environment Hydroponic LED and horticultural lighting products are specific and design.

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    A LED growing system to flourish tissue cultures or in growth chambers; Arize™ Life is a fluorescent replacement with all the benefits of LED technology including longer product life, energy savings, and lower maintenance.

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  • Built entirely inside a 40’ x 8’ x 9.5’ shipping container, freight farms are outfitted with all the tools needed for high-volume, consistent harvests. With innovative climate technology and growing equipment, the perfect environment is achievable 365 days a year, regardless of geographic location.

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    Help your indoor farming boom with the use of Arize™ Lynk. A uniquely designed LED growing system that can be used in growth chambers and rooms, greenhouses, hydroponic, aquaponic and aeroponic operations

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    Arize Element™ top lighting is a LED growing system designed to enhance greenhouse and indoor farming. The system delivers high light output with less heat than a HID (HPS or MH) system and provides the perfect spectrum to grow efficiently year-round.  NECESSARY DRIVER  GEPSC070-210G-ADFEU for L400 (600mm)

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    GrowBox2 is an all-in-one hydroponic growing system designed for indoor farming all year round. It uses Deep Flow Technique (DFT), has 59 planting holes and can grow efficiently.

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    GrowWall3 is an all-in-one hydroponics growing system designed for indoor farming all year round. It uses Nutrient Film Technique (NFT). has 175 planting holes and can grow efficiently. LED Light up down adjust against plants height with best light efficiency, any location in the home.

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    OPCOM O2 Garden Mist is the first Moss and Ferns table garden with a reading light on the market, including a patented designed Oxygen-Circulating and Auto-Growing system. It provides a healthy environment for your home, office, restaurant, school, etc.

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    OPCOM GrowBox is an all-in-one hydroponic growing system designed for in-home gardening all year round. Easy to grow with an one touch AUTO mode and featuring a table-top design, theGrowBox can help you grow clean, healthy produce in the comfort of your own home. It is efficient, using 90% less water than conventional outdoor gardening. High-intensity LED...

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    1. 360degree rotation spray to make root growth stronger and bigger.2. High-intensity 200W LED light to provide more powerful light for growth.3. Push pull metal connector solid cable connection.

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    Babylon represents a new concept born from the collaboration between Verbax specializing in lights for indoor farming and Smarties.bio, a development and research company in the field of varietal improvement in horticulture, two protagonists of the new agricultural frontier, the vertical farm and indoor productions.

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    Babylon represents a new concept for indoor farming coming from the joint venture of Verbax, leader in LEDs and indoor farming systems and Smarties.bio, breeding company involved in vegetables, two key figures of the new frontier in agriculture: vertical farming and indoor production.

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    OPCOM Pallet Farm series provide you a solution to build a plant factory in the urban area. With a high degree of automation and all setups are pre-assembled, simply unload and connect to the electricity, Wi-Fi, and water supply. The plants are ready to grow.Vertical gardening and Hydroponic optimize space utilization.

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    This product is sold by SMARTIES.BIO

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    Tabletop and Suspended Hydroponic Grow System - at Home DIY Micro-Landscape Design – Mist generator - Best Gift with Low price

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