General Lighting

LED luminaires for street lighting, service areas and spaces, shelter lighting. Optimization of urban lighting. lighting of road tunnels and sports facilities.

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    Introducing GE's latest LED road and street fixture, the SLBt, which makes the advantages of outdoor LED lighting available for everyone, even those on tight budgets. Designed to replace 35-100W HID and 24-36W CFL.  SLBT/2/F/T/56/40/N/ST/C1/N/S60/R7035

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    The CorePro LEDtube is an affordable LED solution suitable for replacing T8 fluorescent lamps. The product provides a natural lighting effect for use in general lighting applications, as well as instant energy savings – an environmentally friendly solution. 

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  • The wide range of wattages (19-230W) in single and multiple optical modules provides high flexibility for a range of application areas. The Spinella luminaire is available in side and post top mounting options and benefits from tool-less entry.

  • Navona is an LED solution to replace traditional fixtures in parks, pedestrian areas, city centers. Timeless design incorporates the aesthetic necessities with the optimal optical distribution, providing several lumen packages with symmetrical and asymmetrical distribution and a power range from 16W to 72W to meet a wide range of lighting scenarios.

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    HYUNDAI HSL-F02 30W   is a outdoor LED Flood Light system for wall washer, billboard sign applications. I-VEIEW 502 provides many advantages like the brilliant light output, energy cost saving and maintenance cost reduction. 

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    VBX LED High Bay Light, HIL-002 is a LED illumination system which can replace the conventional 400W MH High Bay light fixtures. HIL-002 provides many advantages like the brilliant light output, energy cost saving and maintenance cost reduction. 

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    Product InformationHigh system efficacy of up to 125lm/WLong reliable lifetime of 50,000hrs @ L80B10 Ta25°C

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    Multi Gimbal is a recessed adjustable LED downlight delivering flexible, efficient and precise lighting solutions. The Multi Gimbal will create stunning environments and presentations. Designed to perfectly compliment the world class LED technology within, the Multi Gimbal delivers truly sustainable lighting.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items