Lighting products

It's time to switch to LED!

The arrival of LED as a viable alternative to existing lighting technologies is changing the way we light our homes, offices, stores and streets.  

Lighting products 


  • Signage LED system

    LED systems dedicated to signage retro-lighting  and architecture lighting solutions


    Due to the incredible speed of development of LED technology, extraordinary products become obsolete every day and are destined for destruction.

    Buying them in OUTLET LED means saving by buying excellent products and contributing to sustainability and respect for the environment.

  • General Lighting

    LED luminaires for street lighting, service areas and spaces, shelter lighting. Optimization of urban lighting. lighting of road tunnels and sports facilities.

  • LED Horticulture Lighting

    The ideal solution to maximize plant growth in a controlled indoor environment Hydroponic LED and horticultural lighting products are specific and design.

  • Outlet LED Bulb

    Ideal for use in ceiling- mounted luminaires in hospitality and home applications requiring high-quality light and a cozy ambiance. 

  • LED lighting for Traffic Signals

    Pointed in the Right Direction. Traffic management professionals around the world are leaving maintenance intensive and energy hungry incandescent lamps by the curb and heading for the robust, high-reliability advantages that GE Lighting Solutions LED arrow signals offer. With up to 90 percent energy savings and a long-rated life, GE LED arrow signals outshine incandescent signals and offer significant advantages in dealing with sun phantom, light uniformity and color washout issues. Designed for direct retrofit or OEM applications, GE Lighting Solutions GT1 signals are available in designs that can meet current ITE, Caltrans and other key geographic standards.

  • Refrigeration Lighting

    Compact linear LED lighting for ultimate shopping experience, superior light quality with premium white for enhanced white performance and astonishing lively rich colors.

  • LED Lighting Controls

    To be able to use lighting where and whennecessary and to manage complex systems. Systems for dimming LED light and for controlling the LED light remotely. DALI control and 0-10V dimming. RGB and RGBW controls.needs.

  • Costant Courrent LED Drivers

    Powered by Lightech™ technology, GE drivers are both efficient and intelligent, allowing you to create innovative, nextgeneration lighting systems that live upto your high-performance standards. For your next application, trust GE Lightech™ LED drivers to provide peace of mind, as well as superior ROI through quality construction and reliable performance.

  • Moving message LED display

    LED Moving message display

  • VERBAX lighting LAB

    Get your Lighting City Map !

  • Full Color Led Display

    Outdoor  Rental LED display, pixel rental LED display LED screen LED Video Wall Standard Size LED display screen high quality Waterproof SMD LED.

  • Emergency LED Lighting

    Mackwell is one of the leading providers of technology solutions for the global lighting industry, with ties to many major international companies in over 40 markets and export business which now stands at 60% of the company’s turnover.

  • Strip LED Flex

    Flexible Strip Led range for indoor and outdoor use. The range includes colored and outdoor strips.

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